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HELIX LEAN BLEND 400 Quality as always. No PIP kingjay 2019-01-27 08:07:06
THRIVE ANABOLICS STANOZOLOL/WINSTROL 25MG X 100 PRESSED TABLETS Great service so far - order arrived in Queensland in 2 days with no issues. Well packaged and exactly as requested. Gear looks good and I’m looking forward to starting this cycle. Bretta 2019-01-25 13:22:29
THRIVE ANABOLICS ARIMIDEX (ANASTROZOLE) 1MG X 50 PRESSED TABLETS Worked well...thanks for fast shipping Nathan 2019-01-25 02:41:18
HELIX PHARMA TRENBOLONE BASE 100MG/ML (OIL BASED MINIMAL GUAIACOL) Works well used a preworkout felt like a fucking god in the gym. Does make holding grips hard with how much my hands sweat on it also ive never got tren cough from ace or enath but this stuff gave me it. Postage was as always perfect and quick asdf 2019-01-20 10:44:06
THIRVE ANABOLICS DNP (2,4-DINITROPHENOL) 200MG X 50 UNITS I thought of giving these guys a try. Fantastic product and quick replies. Used Anavar/Winstrol Orals 50mg split am/pm. Had good results after PCT lost a bit of size but the strength remained. I live in the NT so shipping was kinda slow which didn't really bother me. Cravin 2019-01-18 11:20:56
HELIX PHARMA DNP (2,4-DINITROPHENOL) 200MG X 50 UNITS The total 50 tablets how long does it last. if you guys are running 200mg to 400mg assuming its 4 to 6 tablets a day. MIKE 2019-01-16 08:25:57
THRIVE ANABOLICS STANOZOLOL/WINSTROL 25MG X 100 PRESSED TABLETS The real, some of the best gear ive tried in recent times and the only gear i will continue to use. Five stars for this guy is not enough. Customer service is second to none Adam 2019-01-15 04:53:50
XANAX TRI-SCORE BARS 2MG X 50 TABLETS i HAVE CHRONIC ptsd an often have pubcliv breakdown, this xananx is fast acting and effective, it has saved me fro some embararraising prolblems. LES 2019-01-14 06:34:01
HELIX PHARMA BOLD (EQ) (BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE) 250MG/ML X 10ML Ordered Monday afternoon, arrived Wednesday morning! Can’t Bellerive what great service. Will be running EQ and TestE 500mg each per week. Stay tuned for results. The customer service and postage is incredible. My go to guys from now on Deez 2019-01-11 07:19:28
HELIX PHARMA DBOL (DIANABOL) 10MG X 100 UNITS Awesome delivery time been taking for a week feeling really good awesome product John James 2019-01-11 04:28:27
HELIX PHARMA DNP (2,4-DINITROPHENOL) 200MG X 50 UNITS Excellent product, works perfectly at 400mg per day avar 2019-01-10 06:21:53
HELIX PHARMA TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 100MG/ML X 10ML Really fast and reliable, Purchased multiple times and always arrives within a couple of days. Cannot be more thankful, Cheers AlphaBeast! Jimmy 2019-01-09 06:00:39
HELIX PHARMA TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 100MG/ML X 10ML Hi guys ordered my vials over the new year's break so took a day or 2 longer to revieve but nothing major. Had good communication through email and was promptly answered. Very happy with service and look forward to starting my cycle and I'll defs use this service again. Cheers Luey b 2019-01-09 01:25:28
HELIX PHARMA TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 100MG/ML X 10ML Ordered over Christmas break so took a few extra days but only like 6 business days, had communication about the order and replied to.my.emails promptly. Got the vials yesterday very happy and will use you guys again. Start my cycle tomorrow cheers Luey b 2019-01-09 01:23:18
HELIX PHARMA TEST BLEND 450MG/ML X 10 ML Had 3 deliveries so far. First one was ordered early in the morning - delivery was next day. Second delivery was delayed by a few days as I ordered over Xmas period. Third delivery was next day again. Very reliable. Sender name 'Channing Tatium'. Ahahahahahahaha Gozer 2019-01-08 05:21:04
HELIX PHARMA LETRO (LETROZOLE) 2.5MG X 50 PRESSED TABLETS This is my first time on Letro so I don't know what to expect. Only 5 days on it so far and no sides. Its meant to be harsh on the body but all good so far. I guess it varies from person to person. Losing quite a bit of water retention to im guessing its doing its job. 2 day delivery. Thanks Alpha! Peter Johns 2019-01-07 21:02:53
HELIX PHARMA TEST BLEND 450MG/ML X 10 ML I usually use sus but this is blend is much the same but much stronger and saves me doing hectic injections. The oil is very thin and smooth which makes for a quick and painless shot. 2 day delivery, discrete. Great service. Peter Johns 2019-01-07 20:54:42
HELIX PHARMA DNP (2,4-DINITROPHENOL) 200MG X 50 UNITS Just received my order. Ordered Friday came Monday today express post! I don't even have to try this stuff yet but I already know it's legit as I've had lots of experience running dnp don't believe me just light up one of these helix caps and watch the fireworks. Good stuff AB will definetly be ordering more from you Johnston 2019-01-07 06:11:08
HELIX PHARMA TRENBOLONE ENANTHATE 200MG/ML X 10ML Fast delivery "2 days" quality product. Thanks Peter Johns 2019-01-04 20:55:13
HELIX PHARMA RIP BLEND 200MG/ML X 10ML Loving the rip blend. Strength has gone up super fast. Can really feel the tren through it❤️ Would like to see a larger Easter version of it though for less injections. But will leave the expertise to the boys Garry gamble 2019-01-03 08:11:42
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